Shoppers stunned as pornography plays on large TV screen for hours

News Sep 29, 2019 19:14

Sunday morning shoppers were shocked to see pornography playing on a large TV screen in a sportswear shop.

People browsing for bargains on the busy shopping street in Auckland, New Zealand, were bombarded by the graphic videos for hours after hackers took over the promotional screen above the doors.

Shoppers stunned as pornography plays on large TV screen for hours
Staff at the Asics store on Shortland Street were stunned when they turned up for work today (September 29) to find pornography playing on their promotional screens.

It took until 10am for staff at the shop on Shortland Street to regain control and shut down the explicit film.

Among those who passed by and witnessed the pornography were young children.

Tanya Lee told the NZ Herald newspaper that she was on her way to breakfast with her seven-year-old son when they could not help but notice the video.

“I took a second look because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” she said. “It’s totally inappropriate and offensive, not something that you want kids exposed to and it’s also embarrassing for Auckland as a tourist destination.”

But others stopped to watch the sex tape as it played, a security guard said.

Dwayne Hinagano told the newspaper the video was playing for almost two hours in total.

“The video ran for a long time, maybe two hours from 8am until the shop staff arrived at about 10am.

“Some people were shocked, but others just stopped and watched.”

Shoppers stunned as pornography plays on large TV screen for hours

One of the staff members told the New Zealand Herald:

Unfortunately we are unable to make any further comments and our manager is not around.

Asics has since published a statement apologising for the explicit incident.

Our Shortland Street store was subject to a cybersecurity breach. We’re are currently investigating the situation and working to mitigate it happening again in the future. We sincerely apologise to those who saw the content.

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